Középkori kísértés- és gyógyítástörténetek az archaikus népi imák és oltári táblaképek tükrében

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Main Author: Szikszai Mária
Format: Book part
Published: 2006
Series:Szegedi vallási néprajzi könyvtár 16
Kép, képmás, kultusz : [a 6. Szegedi Vallási Néprajzi Konferencia 2002. október 8-10. tanulmányai] 16
Keywords:Ikonográfia - néprajz - magyar, Vallási néprajz - magyar, Vallási kultusz - magyar, Népi vallásosság, Egyházi művészet - katolikus - Magyarország
Online access:http://acta.bibl.u-szeged.hu/70345
Summary:The cult formed around Saint Anthony invigorated the stories which sorrounded the figure of the hermit int he early Christian times and which were enlivened, spread and told to others sometimes by the church, sometimes by artists and the popular culture. During my research I wanted to find the answer to the following questions: What kind of way they had? What changes in content occurred to them? How the ideology of the era can be traced in these changes? Why these stories are told again and again? More precisely: What kind of role narration has in the culture that continuously reproduces these texts? In the present study, I seek the common roots of the narratives appearing in archaic folk prayers and on panel pictures of altars.
Physical Description:112-140
ISBN:963 482 750 0