Estradiol-Based Salicylaldehyde (Thio)semicarbazones and Their Copper Complexes with Anticancer, Antibacterial and Antioxidant Activities

A series of novel estradiol-based salicylaldehyde (thio)semicarbazones ((T)SCs) bearing (O,N,S) and (O,N,O) donor sets and their Cu(II) complexes were developed and characterized in detail by 1H and ¹³C nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy, UV–visible and electron paramagnetic resonance spectrosc...

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Main Authors: Petrasheuskaya Tatsiana
Kovács Ferenc
Igaz Nóra
Rónavári Andrea
Hajdu Bálint
Nagyné Bereczki Laura
May Nóra Veronika
Spengler Gabriella
Gyurcsik Béla
Csontné Kiricsi Mónika
Nagyné Frank Éva
Enyedy Éva Anna
Format: Article
Published: 2023
Series:MOLECULES 28 No. 1

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