Coumarin-Based Triapine Derivatives and Their Copper(II) Complexes Synthesis, Cytotoxicity and mR2 RNR Inhibition Activity /

A series of thiosemicarbazone-coumarin hybrids (HL1-HL3 and H2L4) has been synthesised in 12 steps and used for the preparation of mono- and dinuclear copper(II) complexes, namely Cu(HL1)Cl-2 (1), Cu(HL2)Cl-2 (2), Cu(HL3)Cl-2 (3) and Cu-2(H2L4)Cl-4 (4), isolated in hydrated or solvated forms. Both t...

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Main Authors: Stepanenko Iryna
Babak Maria V.
Spengler Gabriella
Hammerstad Marta
Popovic-Bijelic Ana
Shova Sergiu
Büchel Gabriel E.
Darvasiova Denisa
Rapta Peter
Arion Vladimir B.
Format: Article
Published: 2021
Series:BIOMOLECULES 11 No. 6

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