Microtubule organization in presynaptic boutons relies on the formin DAAM

Regulation of the cytoskeleton is fundamental to the development and functioning of synaptic terminals, such as neuromuscular junctions. Nevertheless, despite identification of numerous proteins that regulate synaptic actin and microtubule dynamics, the mechanisms of cytoskeletal control during term...

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Main Authors: Migh Ede
Götz Torsten
Földi István
Szikora Szilárd
Gombos Rita I.
Darula Zsuzsanna
Medzihradszky F. Katalin
Maléth József
Hegyi Péter
Mihály József
Format: Article
Published: 2018
Series:DEVELOPMENT 145 No. 6

Online Access:http://publicatio.bibl.u-szeged.hu/15522

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