Az esküvői meghívók néprajzához

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Main Author: Károly Nóra
Format: Book part
Published: 2004
Series:Szegedi vallási néprajzi könyvtár 13
Rítusok, folklór szövegek 13
Keywords:Népi kultúra - Magyarország - 20. sz., Népszokás - magyar, Néphit - magyar, Folklór - magyar, Ünnepi rendezvény - magyar, Lakodalmi szokások - magyar
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Summary:The present study examines the customs connected to the notification and invitation for weddings. I collected printed wedding-cards and I observed how the custom of oral invitation was substituted by written invitation. Researching the process of change is a very complex task. The changes are closely related to the rise of popular written tradition in the eighteenth-nineteenth century, to the culture-technological development of invitation cards, notification cards and postcards. It is also connected to the process in which these cards, originated from the nobility and the middle classes, are adopted and naturalized in the life of the lower classes. The formal characteristics of wedding-cards, besides following the rules of social intercourse, depend on the technical facilities of the era. The technical execution and the influences of mass culture left their marks on the custom of family celebrations. The pictures decorating the wedding-cards are the same in North America and Hungary today. It can certainly be attributed to. the universality of symbolics of motifs. Nowadays we can observe the effort to create something original as opposed to mass culture which appears in the formal execution and the texts as well. Quotations, as in other genres of popular written tradition- for example literary citations used in memory albums - live their independent lives and are subject to the mechanisms of folklorization.
Physical Description:145-157
ISBN:963 9406 78 3