Arab nők a társadalom szeme előtt

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Main Author: Botos Dóra
Format: Book part
Published: 2019
Series:Tanulmányok a társadalomról 4
Tanulmányok a társadalomról IV. : a Szegedi Tudományegyetem JGYPK ATIKI Alkalmazott Társadalomtudományok Tanszék, ETSZK Szociális Munka és Szociálpolitika Tanszék, és a BTK Szociológia Tanszék tudományos diákköri munkái 4
Keywords:Nőkérdés és iszlám - Európa - 21. sz., Iszlám - nők helyzete - 21. sz. - Európa
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Summary:My work is about the situation of arab women, especially in their role in the media and in majority societies. The image of muslims and muslim women today is very different and extreme, largely due to the media and prejudices. In my work, we can read about the phenomenon of "reverse globalization" as it is an important element of migration. 1 place great emphasis on the role of the veil as a symbol, both in the Islamic world and in the Korán, because the veil is an important determinant of muslim women in European societies. In my work, I also mention the proportion of muslim women in the labor market I would like the reader to get an insight into the muslim women who are in the media. In the media representation of arab women, you can read about a number of noteworthy events that see the arab women in the media. In the 21st century, more and more feminist arab women's movements are coming forward. In my work, I mention the most famous feminist arab women who have become famous in the media and worldwide through their unconventional actions.
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